Policymakers in the Procurement Field

Policymakers in procurement are organizations empowered to make decisions and set rules related to the purchase of goods, services, and works by government agencies and quasi-governmental organizations.

A policymakers or public policy developer, in order to effectively perform their functional duties, needs to possess all the necessary information.

A significant portion of budget expenditures directed at the implementation of public policy consists of government procurements.

With the use of the Republic of Kazakhstan Procurement Business Analytics module, there’s an opportunity to analyze the public procurement policy of RK:

Responsible institutions

Ministry of Finance (MoF of Kazakhstan)

In Kazakhstan, the primary legislative body in the field of government procurement is the Ministry of Finance (MoF of Kazakhstan), which is responsible for the development of policy and implementation of rules and procedures. 

The Ministry exercises leadership and cross-sectoral coordination within the financial sector, as stipulated by legislation.

010000, Astana city, Mangilik El avenue 8, "Government House," entrance 4


Functions and tasks

  1. Development of Regulatory Legal Acts (RLAs)The Department of Legislation for Public Procurements and Procurements of the Quasi-Public Sector within the MoF of Kazakhstan provides methodological support and development of RLAs.
  1. Coordination of RLAs — The MoF gathers proposals from government agencies related to the specifics of RLAs and the “Atameken” National Chamber of Entrepreneurs (RLAs concerning government procurements affect the interests of entrepreneurs), as well as from expert councils.
  2. Public Discussions — To approve an RLA project, public discussions must be conducted on the website https://legalacts.egov.kz/. The website provides information on upcoming changes in legislation.

Points 4 and 5 only apply to laws. Rules are approved by order and do not go through the process in subsequent points.

  1. Consideration in the Mazhilis of Parliament — The Mazhilis reviews draft laws submitted to Parliament after discussions among deputies. Interaction with deputies for initiating parliamentary inquiries is possible.
  2. Adoption of RLAs in the Senate of Parliament — The Committee on Economic Policy, Innovative Development, and Entrepreneurship is the lead committee on government procurement matters. Parliament adopts legislative acts in the form of Republic of Kazakhstan laws, parliamentary resolutions, Senate and Mazhilis resolutions.


Legal and Legislative Rationale

About Some Matters of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Additional Information

Online Reception Office

Senate Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Innovative Development, and Entrepreneurship

Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan city, Senate Building of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Functions and tasks

This committee is the primary body concerning public procurement. It is responsible for the enactment of legislation in the form of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, parliamentary resolutions, and resolutions from the Senate and Majilis.

Legal and Legislative Rationale

The list of bills for which the committee serves as the lead

About the Regulations of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Department for the Legislation of Public Procurement and Quasi-Public Sector Procurement under the Ministry of Finance

Methodological Support for Regulatory Development on Public Procurement

Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000, Nur-Sultan city, Mangilik El avenue 8, Government House, Entrance 4.


Functions and tasks

The primary tasks of this department include:

  • Regulatory oversight in the realm of public procurement
  • Methodological support and development of regulations within the Department’s jurisdiction


Legal and Legislative Rationale

The Regulation on the Department of Legislation for Public Procurement of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs (NCE)

Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000, city of Nur-Sultan, Kabanbay Batyr 19.


Functions and tasks

  • Business Interests Advocacy
  • Regulatory Coordination
  • Participation in Appeals Committees and Public Advisory Boards


Legal and Legislative Rationale

On National Chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Additional Information

  • Nationwide Territorial Divisions
  • Unified Contact Center
  • Council for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights