Operator in the field of public procurement

Support and development of the public procurements web portal

Responsible institutions

JSC “Electronic Finance Center”

Support and Development of the Public Procurement Web Portal

The Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000, Astana, 18 Dostyk Street


Functions and tasks

The JSC “Electronic Finance Center” operates the public procurement web portal: www.goszakup.gov.kz

The company offers training for the use of the public procurement web portal.

 In 2023, changes are planned to the public procurement law, under which a unified IT platform for public procurement, quasi-governmental sector purchases, and purchases by the Sovereign Wealth Fund “Samruk-Kazyna” will be established based on the JSC “EFC”. It is expected that the unified platform will be implemented for industrial use in 2024-2025.

Legal and Legislative Rationale

Approval of the Rules for the Operation of Procurement Web Portals of Certain Quasi-Public Sector Entities, Excluding the National Welfare Fund and Organizations of the National Welfare Fund, Including Cases of Technical Failures in the Operation of Web Portals

Approval of the Rules for the Use of the State Procurement Web Portal and the Rules for the Operation of the State Procurement Web Portal in the Event of Technical Failures