Monitoring tools

Monitoring tools

Public procurement monitoring tools are various methods, techniques, resources that are used to collect, analyze and evaluate information on planned and conducted public procurement. They help detect violations, verify compliance with rules and procedures, and improve the transparency and efficiency of procurement processes.

Business Analytics Module “Analysis of Public Procurement Data in the Republic of Kazakhstan”

This tool provides access to public procurement data for quick and convenient analysis. It assists various users, such as policymakers, contracting authorities, business professionals, and public monitoring representatives, in making informed decisions based on up-to-date market information. The module allows for the analysis of procurement efficiency, market monitoring, competition analysis, and identifying prospective business avenues. […]

Public Procurement Web Portal 

The public procurement web portal is a government information system that provides a single access point to electronic public procurement services. It facilitates the registration of participants, planning, conducting, and tracking public procurement processes, as well as access to information, statistics, clarifications, and helps reduce violations in public procurements. VISIT THE WEBSITE

Web Portal for Procurement of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies 

The procurement of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies is intended for the provision of guaranteed volumes of free medical assistance (GVFMA) and medical assistance within the framework of mandatory social health insurance (MSHI). VISIT THE WEBSITE

Free Online Course “Introduction to Open Procurement” 

An official portal has been opened, where all information about public procurement is published. Here you can find the procurement plan or the tender you are interested in, view all the documents that the customer published during the procurement and all the certificates that the participants submitted in their proposals for participation in the tender.