1. Determining the needs of the enterprise
  2. Determination of the main procurement parameters
  3. Approval of the annual plan by the tender committee
  4. Publication of the annual plan

Determination of the Organizer

  1. Organizer Definition
  2. Definition of an official of the Customer

Selection of Procurement Method

  1. Competition announcement
  2. At auctions
  3. Request for Quotations
  4. Single source method
  5. Through commodity exchanges
  6. Via e-shop

Procurement Process Organization

  1. Development of tender documentation, requirements for the supplier
  2. Placement of procurement on the electronic procurement platform and notification of potential suppliers
  3. Acceptance of applications from potential suppliers
  4. Deviation or admission to the next stage
  5. Recognition as the winner of the supplier

Contract Execution

  1. Evaluation of the performance of the contract
  2. Making changes to the contract
  3. Payment
  4. Fulfillment of warranty obligations under the contract
  5. Closing the contract