What are the "Kun Jarygy" Coalition and the Digital Platform www.prozakup.kz?

The “Kun Jarygy” Coalition the Community for Monitoring Public Procurements in the Republic of Kazakhstan – is an association of civil society organizations and civic activists engaged in open and public monitoring of Kazakhstan’s public procurement processes. A list of such organizations can be found on the Platform’s webpage under the Expert Database tab.

The Coalition was founded in February 2023 at the initiative of civil activist Bapakhova A.G., the leader of the NGO “Digital Society” Rahmanov N.U., the head of the NGO “Agency for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises” Myrkhin A.I., and the representative of the NGO “Tugan Zher” Asaubayev R.SH.

The Digital Platform www.prozakup.kz is a web portal that consolidates the knowledge and resources necessary for effective public oversight of public procurements in Kazakhstan.

The platform facilitates the unification of individuals and organizations within the Coalition, aiding in public monitoring, research, and joint advocacy efforts aimed at increasing transparency in Kazakhstan’s public procurement proces

What is the Code of Ethics for the "Kun Jarygy" Coalition?

The Code of Ethics for the Community for Monitoring Public Procurements in Kazakhstan is a set of rules, norms, and values that members of the Community adhere to. It outlines how members should interact with each other, what actions are permissible, what are not, and how to resolve conflicts and disputes within the Community.

How to Join the "Kun Jarygy" Coalition and Become an Expert? Why is it Necessary?

To join the “Kun Jarygy” Coalition, you need to submit an application for registration via a link, where you agree to the Terms of Service and the Coalition’s Code of Ethics. A representative from the “Kun Jarygy” Coalition will then contact you via email, and you will need to go through a verification process (confirming your identity/organization). After this, you will gain access to the portal to edit your profile and publish posts and blogs.

Joining the “Kun Jarygy” Coalition on the digital platform www.prozakup.kz provides civil society representatives with various tools and opportunities for active participation in public oversight of public procurements:

  • Consolidation of efforts among all community members;
  • Enhancing the reputation of an organization/expert as a community member and the opportunity for visibility;
  • Potential participation in the implementation of joint projects;
  • Access to the portal and its resources, including a Legal Navigator;
  • Creating a profile on the portal as an expert or organization;
  • Free training and professional development;
  • Training in business analytics tools.
What are the Main Modules Presented on the Platform and How Can They Be Useful?

The platform features the following modules:

  1. Legal Navigator Module: This provides an opportunity to understand the landscape of public procurement: who is accountable for what, the stages involved in procurement, what violations and risks might exist, and how to address these concerns. It also offers downloadable templates for letters and appeals.
  2. Knowledge Base Module: This section contains materials, articles, documents, and other information that will help you better understand the intricacies of public procurement and approaches to its monitoring.
  3. Monitoring Tools Module: Includes a list of web resources for the oversight of public procurements.
  4. Advocacy Priorities Module: Introduces the goals, plans, and work conducted by the members of the Coalition.
  5. Expert Database Module: Features members of the “Kun Jarygy” Coalition, including NGOs and independent experts.

Each of these modules serves specific purposes in equipping members and users with the tools and information needed for effective monitoring, advocacy, and understanding of public procurement processes.

Where Can One Find Courses or Materials on Public Monitoring of Government Procurement?

Free methodological materials on working with monitoring tools are available on online platforms, such as the free online course under the “Social Innovations in Central Asia” program titled “Introduction to Open Government Procurement.”

Who Administers the Work of the Portal?

The platform is administered by NGOs including the “Digital Society,” “Agency for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises,” and “Tugan Zher.”

Can I Use Materials from the Platform for My Own Research or Publications?

You may use materials from the platform for your own research or publications, provided that you adhere to copyright laws and cite the source of the information. Make sure to reference the www.prozakup.kz platform and the authors of the original materials, if applicable. If you have questions about permission to use specific materials, please contact the platform’s administration or the authors of the materials.