Procurement Process Organization

This stage includes:

  • Development of bidding documentation, including requirements for the product/service/work to be procured, requirements for the supplier, and the formulation of criteria for evaluating bids from potential suppliers.
  • Posting the procurement on an electronic procurement platform.
  • Notification of potential suppliers.
  • Acceptance of applications from potential suppliers.
  • Evaluation of applications, admission to the next phase, and rejection of bids, conducting auctions (for open bidding)/comparing indicative prices (for tenders).
  • Recognizing the winning supplier and concluding the contract.

Possible Violations

Potential Risks 

It should be noted that any suspicious facts identified in the following points are not always a direct violation of the law but may be an indicator of corrupt or other illegal activities. 

Examples of violations:

 A general complaint template has been prepared, requiring additional data based on risk findings.

Regulatory Legal Acts on Procurement Process Organization

On approval of the list of individual goods, works, services, for public procurement of which additional requirements may be imposed for potential suppliers and providers

Regulatory Legal Acts on Bidding and Auction Documentation Preparation

On the approval of standard tender documentation for light and furniture industry goods.

On approval of the standard tender and auction documentation for the purchase of a motor vehicle (passenger car)

On identifying the supplier for construction and installation works for the project “Construction of water intake facility and water treatment station on the Aksai river.”

On determining the suppliers of printed products requiring a special degree of protection, and on approving the list of such products purchased from them, and on the cancellation of some decisions of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On determining the supplier of works.

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