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Development of the Institute of Professional Public Procurement Officers

In 2022, Kazakhstan spent 5.8 trillion tenge on public procurement.

The question, however, is how effectively and fairly these vast sums were utilized?

Our coalition, Kun Jarygy, believes it is time to transform the public procurement process from a routine task into a dedicated, vital profession.

OECD experts have examined the efficiency of Kazakhstan’s public procurement system. Their research indicated that Kazakhstan, like many other countries, faces challenges in transforming its public procurement from an administrative function to a strategic one. This is due to the absence of highly qualified specialists in this area and a lack of relevant educational programs.

Experts argue that the issue can be addressed by recognizing public procurement as a separate profession.

Currently, in Kazakhstan, there is no clear career progression within the public procurement system, and there is a perceived shortage of specialized educational programs for public procurement

Though, according to data from the public procurement portal, between the years 2012-2022, 1,980 contracts for public procurement training were concluded with 277 suppliers, confirming that there are a sufficient number of educational program providers to implement the profession of a public procurement officer into the Kazakhstan civil service system.

Key points

Professional Development

Supporting and implementing measures for the professional development of specialists engaged in public procurements.

Strategy Development

The coalition supports the creation of an action plan that will enhance the human resource capabilities of civil servants in the field of public procurements.

Strengthening Professionalism

Initiating and supporting measures to recognize public procurement as an independent profession, which will attract highly qualified specialists.

Optimizing Procurement Processes

Working on refining public procurements processes, which will result in time and resource savings as well as cost reduction.

Anti-Corruption Measures

Rather than dividing responsibility among an entire tender committee, specific professional procurement officers will be designated who will be accountable for corruption risks associated with the execution of specific public procurements.

Improving Service Quality and Increasing Public Expenditure Efficiency

We aim to improve the quality of public services and infrastructure through more effective public procurement, to be managed by experienced professionals in the field of public  procurements.

Priority action plan

100 %

Research, Data Collection, and Evidence Gathering
  • Conducting comprehensive research on public procurement issues in Kazakhstan to identify primary challenges and needs. Collecting statistical data, facts, and arguments that will validate the need for establishing the profession of public procurement officers.

50 %

Partnership Building
  • In February 2023, the Kun Jarygy Coalition was formed — a community for monitoring public procurements, comprising 26 representatives from NGOs and civic activists.

  • Collaborating with Various Stakeholders: Cooperating with different stakeholders — the government, business sector, civil society organizations, and procurement experts — to build broad-based support for this initiative.

0 %

Strategy Formulation
  • Developing a well-defined strategy that includes steps for enhancing the skills and professionalism of staff, optimizing public procurement processes, and strengthening anti-corruption measures.

50 %

Development and Implementation of a Regulatory Framework for Professional Procurement Officers

0 %

Conducting an Informational Campaign.
  • Organizing informational seminars to raise awareness about the benefits of professional public procurements.

Knowledge base

Cost of building a school place in Kazakhstan for 2021-2022
Policymakers: Case 2. % Real-Time Calculation of Budget Fund Utilization Through Government Procurement
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Coalition "Kun Zharygy": transparency and efficiency of public procurement in Kazakhstan. Monitoring, research, advocacy. Join us!

Improve with us

Coalition "Kun Zharygy": transparency and efficiency of public procurement in Kazakhstan. Monitoring, research, advocacy. Join us!

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